Three Phase

We offers range of typically oil immersed Distribution transformers suitable for pad or ground mounted, energy efficient, made of Copper or Aluminum wound as per requirement and specifications. The units we offer are made of corrugated Tank and compact in size. It is suitable for overhead distribution loads of residential, light commercial or industrial loads and diversified power applications.

NEPL Distribution Transformers can be manufactured with off-circuit tap changer or on-load tap changer option according to requirement, hermetically sealed, free breathing with or without conservator type and can be installed indoor or outdoor. Transformers we provide with on-load tap changer usually have a separate tap winding.

Standard Features:

  • Corrugated tank and bolted cover for tank access.
  • Medium voltage and High voltage porcelain bushings
  • Steel divider between high volt­age and medium voltage compart­ments
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Increased efficiency and lower noise levels
  • Computer aided design (CAD) to ensure electrical and mechanical quality and reliability


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