A Rectifier Transformer is combined with a diode or thyristor rectifier. They are mainly used for application ranges from large aluminium electrolysis, smelting or large variable speed drive trains to medium sized industrial.

Rectifier Transformers can be supplied by NEPL as a single tank solution – with built-in or a separate voltage regulation unit. We can offer units to a large variety of applications; they can have various designs up to a combination of voltage regulation, in double-stack configuration, phase-shifting, interphase reactors, transductors and filter-winding.

We can offer by understanding your industrial / application need and suggests you with the best possible configuration depending on:

  • Bridge type connection of the thyristors for higher voltages
  • Inter-phase connection for low voltage, high current applications
  • Number of pulses (6, 12 and higher with phase shifting)
  • Eddy current and harmonic issues
  • Direct or indirect regulation
  • On-load or off circuit tap changer
  • Air-cooled secondary bushing arrangements and designs

Standard Features:

  • Robust design for continuous and uninterrupted load condition.
  • Excellent short circuit and thermal withstand capabilities.
  • Interlaced core-type design, more resistant to low-side voltage surges.
  • Effectively improved quality and reliability of the electrical distribution system.
  • Excellent finish- Powder Coated exterior
  • Customization as Double star (DSS), Double bridge (DB) configuration type.


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