NEPL produces Furnace Transformers for all furnace applications with robust design to meet adverse conditions of high levels of electrical, thermal and mechanical strength for steel furnace operation and temperature control for continuous high loads in Ferro-alloy operation confirming the quality benchmark and client’s expectation.

Furnace transformer operates under very severe conditions with regard to frequent over currents and over voltages generated by short-circuits in the furnace and the operation of the HV circuit breaker. NEPL takes complete specification and consideration while designing Furnace Transformers for electric-arc furnaces which need high secondary currents the fusion process (dozens of kA) and the wide range of secondary voltages, which are normally regulated by an on-load tap changer (OLTC), either directly on the high-voltage winding or via an intermediate booster located within the same tank.

Standard Features:

  • Customized tapping arrangement for various range of secondary voltages and LT winding for large LT currents
  • Cooling arrangements for specific requirements as ONAN / ONAF or OFWF
  • Withstanding capability of repeated short-circuit conditions and high thermal stresses.
  • Operational overvoltage protection due to frequent switching
  • Direct or indirect regulation option
  • On-load or no-load tap changer (OLTC or NLTC)
  • RC-SA high voltage protection system


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