Every individual has right to resources in equal proportions and we, at NEPL strictly adhere to the sustainability ideology.

Our products are designed meet the needs of the present with optimum efficiency, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Standard industry guidelines in processes, and, waste and defect minimization principle tool have been adopted by NEPL to achieve the target.

Driven by durability factor, we believe in maintaining long term service relationship with our clients and its people. Sustainable approach with durability vision is what driving us and making us distinct in the power industry.

Our core value at NEPL, drives us to take the sustainability ideology far broader than just the environment. It’s also about ensuring a strong, healthy and just society. Meeting the diverse needs of all people in existing and future communities, promoting personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion, and creating equal opportunity are seen to promote the long lasting relationship between NEPL, its clients and the environment at the top most.

Core values:

  • Living within Environmental limits & resource conservation.
  • Low waste production processes.
  • Use of safe and environmentally compatible materials.
  • Safe and skill-enhancing working conditions
  • Ensuring strong, healthy and just society
  • Using science with responsibility and efficiency.

We all have a part to play. Small actions, taken collectively with proper consideration to environment and its people, can add up to real change.