Our Team

At NEPL, we are proud of our team. As a transformer solution specialist, we offer our clients the confidence of highly experienced experts in design, manufacture, test and in-field support. Behind every transformer we produce is a team that’s passionate about continuous improvement about always looking for a better way to help our customers to use more electrical power more effectively and to increase productivity in a sustainable way. It’s about being ready for change and being the first to adapt. We ensure that our team and our customers’ teams are always Future Ready for change and ready to create opportunities.

It’s a team of people we have fostered and developed. Our commitment to providing excellent and challenging work environments, and supporting and training our people has led to industry-leading staff retention. This allows the preservation and accumulation of vast experience and in depth understanding.

We can therefore offer our customers a unique partnership with access to the experience of the NEPL by:

  • Expertise and Leadership
  • Smart Innovation
  • A Responsive Partner
  • Passionate about Quality
  • Superior Value
  • Building for the Future