Chairman’s Message

NEPL’s values lie in the satisfaction and appreciations of its valued customers. As one of most important driving forces in developing energy enabled society, NEPL have become the backbone of the energy sector. Not only do we provide the products that energy sector need, but also based on customer demands jointly develop, enhance, and expand the products that are beneficial to our community. Our products have been widely used in various end applications such as automotive, consumer, lighting, industrial, medical industries to name a few.

We strive to fully undertake our social responsibility, building a green and sustainable business, leading as an example of a happy business, and ultimately achieving the shared vision of “home”. This new world needs and demand products that have sustainability built into them from the start. Products with the inherent agility to take advantage of today’s application economy, where customers are more likely to experience a brand.

Over the past years, NEPL has redefined the dynamics of energy distribution, which we plan to be a backbone or a template for others across Kenya.

Our driving force, undoubtedly, has been the trust our clients have placed in us. They stood by us as we shaped and expanded to multitudes of energy sector in international markets. We see the transformation around us as promising opportunities to create burst in energy. We are drawing on the potential and opportunities offered by Kenya in rapidly-growing markets. We are visualizing our strategy to make our high-growth transformer segment add to the development of nation and its people.

We wish to sharpen our strategy to be one of the Kenya’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired company in energy transformers market. Our goal is to be an unstoppable company that creates enormous value for our shareholders, stakeholders, and the economy.

The success of our business is a testament of professionalism and commitment of every member of our team. By acting with integrity, transparency, honesty, fairness and full compliance with laws and regulations we will continue to grow and develop our operations in the sustainable growth of nation.

NEPL is attaining prominence as a leader in the field of energy distribution sector through its high quality standards and performance transformers and services. Our tradition of serving our valued customers to their complete satisfaction through efficient management and excellent workmanship, which we continue to maintain with our untiring efforts. In an era of advanced technologies and new techniques, we continuously strive to keep in equal pace for innovation and enhanced efficiency.

Offering services spanning a wide range of energy fields in oil & gas, building constructions, power & water, roads & bridges and industrial and civil infrastructure. NEPL aspires to be the most preferred choice of clients based on values of its reliability, commitment to quality-safety and sustainable growth feature.

As we look to the years ahead we strengthen our commitment to remain committed to excellence, adopt better management and construction techniques and successfully overcome all challenges before us so as to be and remain the first choice of energy transformation sectors.

We are a transformer manufacturer offering range of products and services supplying the needs of energy in industrial and commercial sectors. Quality, Commitment and hard work have helped us the company to be on par with competition.


To became manufacturer of Zero harm, Zero Waste transformers with complete customer satisfaction in the East Africa region.


Striving to design and manufacture high quality transformers that meet our customer requirements and deliver patronizing value through quality, reliability safety and technical control.

We will achieve our mission by unceasing to:

  • Using our potential and experience to meet our customers’ needs and expectation while enhancing our presence in the market.
  • Investing in our employees, technology, assets and operations.
  • Collaborating with companies that share similar core values that support our commitment and dedication to complete customer contentment.
  • Improving our environmental and safety practices.